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Getting Active Again After an Injury

Getting injured can put a dent in your activities. If you’re in the process of recovering after an injury, learn more about how and when to re-enter the world of exercise, sports, and physical activity.

Sep 1st, 2019
I'm Over 50—Is Chronic Back Pain Normal?

Are you suffering from chronic pain and believe it's due to your age? Though age can make you more likely to develop some back conditions, there could be another cause for that pain. Discover what you need to know about back pain in your 50s.

Jun 12th, 2019
Curious About Kinesio Taping? Here's How It Works

Are you struggling with sports injuries or repetitive stress like carpal tunnel syndrome? Or do you have headaches, back pain, or problems with your knees or shoulders? Kinesio® Taping is a painless, drug-free therapy that can provide relief.

Apr 17th, 2019
Beware the Dangers of Tech Neck

If you’re like most Americans, you probably spend 40-plus hours a week hunched over your desk working and upward of 10 hours per week looking down at your phone. Over time, this causes a painful condition known as “tech neck.”

Jul 10th, 2019